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Spontaneous Weed Attack Team: Roundup “SWAT TEAM” Spiffs UP Neighborhoods

Challenge:  Monsanto’s popular weed killing product, Roundup, was suffering from the negative image some consumers have against using lawn chemicals.  However, Roundup, which is made from naturally occurring ingredients, actually is environmentally friendly.   The goal – demonstrate why and how Round up is safe.

Solution:  Create the Roundup “SWAT” team (Spontaneous Weed Attack Team), to visit community neighborhoods across the country.   The SWAT team partnered with community organizations such as Operation Brightside, Don’t Mess with Texas and others, to stage community cleanups.  Roundup donated weed killer and clean up supplies, community groups supplied the labor.  Even kids could participate, as Roundup is safe around kids, which conveyed the message we needed to communicate.

Agency was responsible for organizing and publicizing the environmentally friendly clean up events.  Volunteers were given SWAT team shirts, providing fantastic visuals for TV cameras.

Results:  We obtained well over a million dollars in coverage, with some events covered by all three-network affiliates.  We also cleaned up communities in more than 15 markets.